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Would It Truly Be Beneficial To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

There is a very clear picture of a digital future in everyone’s head nowadays. Advertising your product or whatever services you offer can be a do-it-yourself project, but with the marketing world getting very competitive today, that would be highly discouraged. Advertising a business may sound like an easy thing to take on but in reality, there is so much more to it than what meets the eye and that is why you must hire a professional digital marketing agency to tackle this aspect of the business for you. Let us enlighten you on the benefits you can reap from hiring a professional digital marketer.

You are able to save more time and money.

Most people think that big time business owners are the busiest but in reality, those that have just started putting up their own company is busier. No matter how much you have planned the business, there will always be little things that might have slipped your mind and you will have to deal with these problems soon. Because most of your time is spend on dealing with problems, you will end up neglecting the marketing aspect of the business.
A Quick Overlook of Marketing – Your Cheatsheet

Your lack of time and attention to handle every aspect of the business is reason enough for you to pick up that phone and call a professional digital marketing agency.
Tips Tips for The Average Joe

The money-saving aspect of the matter on hand is the one thin g that makes people say no to the idea because they are not aware that in the long run, you will actually save more money than expected.

It would be smarter to go through an agency when in need of a marketing expert rather than directly hire one to work for the company mainly because it is cheaper.

The expertise of these professionals will show really soon.

There are a lot of things you need to consider when you are advertising and most business owners do not know these things so they end up messing everything when they do things themselves. Business owners who do the marketing on their own tend to make so many mistakes before seeing mediocre results and the downside here is that the name of the company might be damaged long before it has stood up on its own.

These professionals do advertising and marketing for a living so you should know better than think that you can do a better job than them.

How Would You Define Significance?

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There has been a lot written lately about significance – numerous articles and no fewer than a hundred books – some of them valuable, a lot of it misguided and very little that gets it right so I thought I would throw my two cents into the fray.
For the record, Webster says – significance is – the quality of having importance or being regarded as having great meaning. For what it’s worth in my opinion, this doesn’t come close.

There are three basic questions;

What is significance?

How do you define significance? Is it wealth? Power? Fame? Position? Influence? Celebrity status? Success? Achievement? Or – service to others, humility, compassion or something in between?

Over the years in my world travels I have met many people who were rich, influential, famous or powerful, but were they significant? Well, I dues again, it depends on how you choose to define this word or concept.
Many would have us believe that significance is what others think of us, what they have achieved, what we own, what we earn or how many times we are featured on television.

Trust me – there are millions of people who think they are significant and they are idiots, plain and simple. Don’t agree with me? That’s fine – we are all entitled to our opinion but the key element here is do people who believe they are significant deserve our respect, trust or admiration? Some do and some don’t. But ask most of them and they would tell you that their significance deserves nothing but reverence and even worship form the rest of us.

Significance from my perspective is earned and not for who you are but what you do that makes a positive difference in the world even if that world is just your own inner circle or family.

It is achieving for the sole purpose of giving back. It is letting go of ego, arrogance and self-righteousness. It is recognizing that we are here for a very short time and what matters while we are here is the legacy we have created while we are here that is grounded in kindness, compassion, generosity, understanding and spiritual focus.

This doesn’t mean to imply that everyone has to agree with your values, opinions, actions, decisions or premises or that you have to agree with theirs, but that you live according to a higher standard one that is guided or driven by Divine inspiration in some way.

Why do we want or need it?

Everyone wants to matter in some way. The problem is that most people define mattering with some insane principle related to political correctness, approval of others, what they own or what they control. Got news for you – after you die no matter what you had or what you did, unless is was driven by the right motives, principles or beliefs – well, it’s gone, over, finished and after a short period of time you will be forgotten forever.

I have many heroes and mentors who are still remembered hundreds of years after their passing for what they did while they were here. I won’t mention them all but a couple. Keep in mind you may have agreed or disagreed with their life as they lived it (none of us are or will ever be perfect and without mistakes) but their legacy was for one simple purpose – make a positive difference.

In no special order – Og Mandino, Norman Vincent Peale, Mark Twain, Abe Lincoln, Oswald Chambers, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Ted Williams.

What did they all have in common? Their significance in the end was not about them but how they impacted others and their world.

How to we get it or achieve it?

There are a number of actions, values, beliefs that we can work towards to try and achieve significance but I believe there are just three major ones that if we focus on, regardless of what we achieve or accomplish or don’t in the end we will have had our personal degree of significance.

One) Recognizing that we are not on this earth for strictly what we believe are our personal purposes or agendas. The world has been here for billions of years and billions of people have walked this earth for thousands of years. There is more to life than what we do or get or have as one day it will all be gone. But, what remains is how we impacted the lives of those people who crossed our path.

Two) The ability to share our talent, lessons, wisdom and experience in a way that has a positive impact on society whether your neighborhood, your employees, your customers, your family and friends, your church, your community or even total strangers.

Three) The ability to accept and respect others in spite of differences, the willingness to stay true to what you believe and live who you are with integrity.

You can agree or disagree with some or all of the above, that is your right but keep in mind that my role is not to change you or your values or beliefs but to share mine.

They Hated Discipline

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Nobody likes discipline or being disciplined. It just upsets your own apple cart, and you cannot have your own way with anything. You have your own agenda in life, but you have to follow the agenda of discipline first. I think this is so important that I will add some more to my articles on this subject. What would have happened if you were not disciplined? When you were born, you were not a disciplined person. In fact, you were born as a savage. You only considered yourself and your needs no matter what. If you needed to have your diaper changed, you cry murder until it has been cleaned. Then two seconds later, you dirty it again. If you are hungry and you want your bottle, you would scream murder till you have it, not considering others whether they are busy or not. As an infant, you are the epitome of selfishness. You are very prone to throw temper tantrums if you do not have your own way. You will also be prone to be spiteful, disrespectful and selfish. People would say that this is cute, it is a baby. So, you have been excused.

Let us say now you are a bit older but with the same character and traits. You are selfish, spiteful and disrespectful. You fight with others without reason, and you are a first class bully. You speak harshly with others with no reason, and you curse also without any reason. People do not really like you much because of your attitude towards them and the way you treat them. At school, you refuse to complete the homework and projects your teacher gives you for your own good. But you would rather lie around on the couch, watching the telly. You refuse to do your part to help around the house to ensure your home runs smoothly even if it is in a pigsty, and your parents are overworked to support you. You probably have experimented with drugs, you do not go to school, and you have all the time in the world to do that.

Let us move on even older now. Because you have never been disciplined properly, you do not know any better than this life. You do not keep your job, even though many times you were offered a small job although it does not pay much. Your parents have moved on now, they are dead, now you are stuck in this world all on your own. And you do not what to do, nor how to fend for yourself. So, you get involved with the wrong sort, so you join their gang. You do not know of any better, your parents just did not teach you the right way when you were young. Now, it is plain survival for you, do whatever you can for you to live. No matter what it costs to others. This is just an idea of how the outcome could be without discipline. I will carry on with this, with my next article.